Vox By Mage

Vox by Mage is a perfume introduce in 2020, the beginning of the new era. Vox brings the meaning of Vocals and Voice. With its red font the brand tries to attract attention of the newly generation, from 20 – 45. It is addressed to self-confident and the men want to be the center of attention.

The Vox perfume starts with notes of Apple, Orange Blossoms, Fresh, Sweet Bergamot And Sparkling Lemon. The center notes bring Rose and Patchouli. The base consists of Vanilla and Musk. It has an interesting and innovative design which it is used by brush for appliance. Its Gold bottle pen represent luxurious for men. It was designed by the Perfumer Azwa Anwar. The nose behind this amazing Signature Series is Hazama Ahmad Azmi.

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