Our Story

Our Story

A small team – we call us MAGEN – laid the foundation for the story of MAGE perfume in early 2020

The MAGEN has great passion, solid know-how and an outstanding sense for innovations and trends. MAGE perfumes specializes in the development and production of high-quality perfumes, use of top ingredients and highly concentrated perfume oils, as well as sophisticated production processes that offering the best fragrance quality.

MAGE perfume as a start has 10 different perfume range of its own ladies’ brands and men’s perfumes.

The quality of a perfume is decisively characterized not only by the quality of its ingredients, but also primarily by the MAGEN’s creativity.

From thousands of scents, the MAGEN composing them into a harmonious whole. MAGEN has the know-how to produce scent experiences at the highest level.

MAGE perfume offering perfume ranges that caters to all.

We hand-picked the selection from various personalities, preferences, situations in life, circumstances and moods.

Our exclusive range of different fragrances is just as colorful and diverse as our world is. MAGE perfume is open-minded, flexible and modern.

There’s just one thing that we don’t compromise about: the fragrance’s quality always comes first.

Our target – Satisfied customers, enthusiastic consumers.

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